Welcome to Carfree Blogosphere

This is the blog of World Carfree Network, hub of the global carfree movement.

Carfree Blogosphere offers a free space for flexible discussion for those who feel that our transport systems need to be, and can be made, more sustainable and carfree.

This is a space to share information and discuss issues relevant to eliminating car-dependency, explore transportation alternatives such as walking and cycling, and to celebrate carfree living. This is also a platform where you can benefit from the debates, exchanges, networking and collaboration.

If you have car-free related information you’d like to share or a burning issue you’d like to discuss, we invite you to send letters, articles, news, pictures and videos – any carfree-related information – to blog(at)worldcarfree.net

Happy blogging!

Jane, Çiğdem and Marko

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  1. Welcome from France to Carfree blogosphere!

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