The End of the Road: Forward, by Mayor Kitty Piercy

© Carbusters

© Carbusters

As Mayor I am called to lead the community and to be a public servant, to make policies based on a positive vision for our future.  I must look for practical solutions to the challenges that face us.  The End of the Road explores opportunities for both vision and practical solutions.

The title of this book, The End of the Road, is a metaphor for where we are as a society, as a community.  We have come to a place where global warming and finite resources make it imperative that we think anew. Necessity is the mother of invention and profound change is necessary now. Governments and public agencies have a key role in crafting strategies to bring about change.  We can no longer count on cheap distribution of fuels nor accept the damage caused by their usage.

The End of the Road challenges the existing system of unsustainable growth. It suggests that we can use less money and fewer resources and still maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle.  It suggests that we do not need to do without the things we require, want and love, we simply need to eliminate waste.  The savings will pay for the transition.

The authors, Joseph McKinney and Amy Isler Gibson, point with optimism to entrepreneurs who are creating a sustainable model instead of continuing to accrue wealth at the expense of others. They label this concept a step back, but not backwards, claiming we have missed a transformation link in our great race forward.

The authors of The End of the Road show how one of the most complex problems we face may have a simple answer:  lightweight rechargeable transporters that can take you from home in 15 minutes or less – to your workplace, school, shop or mass transit connector.

These authors challenge our community and region to prioritize and coordinate such an effort.  This is a timely dream. I hope you will read this book and join Joseph, Amy and myself in planning for a future that is truly sustainable.

Kitty Piercy, Mayor,

Eugene, OR                                                                   May 2009

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2 Responses

  1. Hey,

    This sounds really good! Especially coming from a politician, but it is also a little empty… May I ask a couple of questions:

    “entrepreneurs who are creating a sustainable model instead of continuing to accrue wealth at the expense of others”
    – Who are these entrepreneurs? New humanists? I want to know them!
    -What is this sustainable model?

    “lightweight rechargeable transporters that can take you from home in 15 minutes or less ”
    – What are those? Are their new kind of “green” cars or “green” whatever?

    I’m waiting for reading what follows in this book. I wonder where you guys are going…
    I like the idea of a need for a break or a step back: Décroissance !!!

  2. We are posting the entire book here, a part will go up each Friday. I hope you will keep reading. For those of you who have asked about our interest in bicycles, OF COURSE we love bikes and see them as a critical part of transportation, esp improving roads for them for increased future use. You will see this, as well as our absolute commitment to (clean) mass transportation methods. This is but one way to see a book, and I admit takes patience. The book will be available at soon; we are almost there, in about two weeks we hope. This method of blog entry once a week is a kindness offered us by CarBusters, who support innovative ideas like ours. To see the whole thing, go to our own blog site: in a few weeks (not quite there yet, just a start — there is so much to do upon finishing a book!) We are posting there as well as regular publishing that is almost finished and available to order. if you want to read the book free, bear with us while we get these blogs going.

    Re some of your specific questions: a) these are not golf carts; you will have to see the examples of the cars in the books, there are many and being made all ove the world. b) whether we invest in them or not is a great question. We tried to write this book as quickly as we could while there is still American transportation stimulus money available. We personally will not benefit; we have no EV product to sell. This book presents an overview, and above all, a vision. A new direction. A dream? Well we believe its possible. Likely? Who knows. Thanks for checking in.

    FOLKS PLEASE NOTE: The first 27 pages of this book contains essays by others in the EV shall we call it “movement?” Our words do not really enter in until after theirs. We wanted to present different issues and different points of view to set the stages for our own thoughts. We have three really good essays from well-known, wonderful writers who were glad to be part of this. Also a few articles from our newspaper over the years showing a bit of who we are and what we stand for. All the best, Amy Isler Gibson

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