A PlantLock on the road.

© Front Yard Company

© Front Yard Company

Recently appearing on UK streets are PlantLocks – muscling cars off the road. These are now available for delivery in Europe.

PlantLock is also great for keeping bicycles at home. It frees up cluttered hallways and stairwells by offering a solid planter to lock your bike to. As well as providing safe and tidy bike storage, it transforms the front yard to a green space.  It constitutes an “immovable object” to lock bicycles to, weighing 75+kg when planted up.

Bicycle frame and both wheels can be secured to the bar with the owner’s existing locks – ideally two quality locks. PlantLock requires minimum maintenance, being made from robust, durable materials. The locking bar is made from boron steel, case-hardened and tempered, to achieve robustness beyond most commercially available bicycle locks.

Dan Monck

Front Yard Company

You can find more information and pictures on the website of the company producing Plantlock: http://frontyardcompany.co.uk/index.php

© Front Yard Company

© Front Yard Company

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  1. What a great idea!

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