what we do

World Carfree Network publishes a quarterly magazine (Carbusters) and a monthly multilingual newsletter (you can subscribe at: bulletin[a]worldcarfree.net). We also organise youth exchanges, seminars and conferences, we promote and coordinate youth participation in the European Mobility Week and World Carfree Day. We ensure the maintenance of 3 websites, various discussion list serves and social networking platforms and an on-line contact directory, the operation of an on-line and mail-order resource centre, the provision of information in various forms via multiple channels, the publishing of books and the organisation of various exchanges and cross-cultural projects.

With our activities we wish to highlight the need for urban development to reduce social exclusion and empower young people of all social and cultural groups to get actively involved in the public discussions and decision-making in regard to urban planning and mobility. Therefore our activities focus on exchanging ideas, experiences and skills for promoting urban environments inclusive towards young people and fostering networking, information exchange and cooperation among our young European Network members.

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